10 Most Popular Flower Types

This is why they have gained so much popularity; they have been widely used ever since ancient times.

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Flowers have this irresistible magnetism adhered to him. Even the most alpha men can't resist admiring their beauty. This is why they have gained so much popularity; they have been widely used ever since ancient times.

But, there are too many of these stunning blooms. So, we have prepared a guide for you to know about the ten most popular flowers in the world. Note that the list isn't in a particular order and is very subjective to time.

Now, without any further ado, let's get directly to the list.


This one is number one. Rose gets to be at the top of the list because of its universal appeal. You can find different varieties of roses in all landscapes.

Rosa California, the variety native to is widespread in the US, while the Rosa indica is indigenous to India. Many other species include Rosa vertical, Rosa Atlantica, and others.

Not only varied species but even the same species of roses come in a variety of colors. The most popular being the lover's rose- the red rose. Other colors are pink, yellow, orange, white, blue, and purple. The white ones account as a funeral flower.


Their cryptically colored petals symbolize wealth, devotion, strength, and unity. A popular candidate for decoration and arrangements, these are a relief to eyes too. In Soddy Daisy, Lometas flowers deliver the hand-plucked, best ones from the farmlands.


Amongst all varieties, Gerbera daisies are the most popular. They exhibit a great range of colors. Seeing Daisy can lighten anyone's mood. Brighten your loved ones' day with these beauties. Experience the brightest color in the Chattanooga area from Lometas florists in Soddy Daisy.


One of the oldest yet popular flowers, Orchids, accounts for the race of beauty. Their different varieties are symbolic of love, talent, wisdom, and beauty. Extremely popular in Chattanooga, Tn, these are regarded as the best gifts for beauty with the brain.


The lovely blooms are enough for a heartthrob. But, these are the widely used sympathy flowers too. Get even last-minute tasteful sympathy arrangements at Lomas florists.

Calla Lilies

Having the ability to be fresh two weeks after being plucked, Calla Lilies are best for long-distance shipment gifts. Order from anywhere in the country and get the best deals. At Lometas florists Soddy Daisy, we have vowed to provide only premium quality flowers to our guests.


Asters or starflowers are official September blooms. Exhibiting a wide array of colors, they exhibit strong, powerful love and wisdom. Give them to an intelligent student or a powerful leader. Ensure they like your present by ordering from Lomas florist.


Owing to their shiny reflective shells, these are quite popular in the west. But, remain that these are poisonous and have only ornamental uses.


The "grave or funeral flower" is related to deaths. Burgundy Chrysanthemums are particularly associated with death.

Show your sympathy with these flowers. Order even on a Sunday from Lometas florists, Soddy Daisy.


Native to California, these bright red or yellow blooms are widespread in the world too. The delicately designed petals are a good sight for the eyes.


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