Flower Arrangement Ideas & Tips

The Best Flower Arranging Tips & Tools, Straight from a Professional Florist. Get the best flowers in chattanooga with lometa's flowers. Flowers are all very beautiful but not all flowers go with every occasion.

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Flowers are an essential part of almost all functions and occasions around us be it festivals, weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Not just always for happy moments, flowers also are a part of condolence meetings and visiting the sick. While picking flowers for different occasions we might just pick the one that pleases our eyes, and flowers are all very beautiful but not all flowers go with every occasion. If not anything special flowers are also a great pick for everyday occasions or just like that.

Here is a flower picking guide for you-

Go by occasion

Flowers are always a part of every occasion and you must always go with either a theme or favorites, since these are notable days you just cannot go wrong. So if it is a wedding you can go by a theme like rustic, vintage, modern and minimalistic. For each of these categories you can go with Range and brown tones like Dahlias, for a modern love story you can go with peonies and eucalyptus leaves and if you like your things simple and clean go with hydrangeas or traditional roses. 

For the Festival you can go for spiritual and religious flowers like Easter lily, Daffodils, roses, Lily of the valley and Hyacinth. For occasions like Mother’s day pick pink carnations, For Father’s day go with Birds of Paradise. For Birthdays and anniversaries you can get your hands on unique and exclusively made flower arrangements from Flower Shops In Soddy Daisy Tn.

Go by shape

Flower arrangements come in various shapes and sizes, for occasions of all kinds you can go with a few options-

  • Dome shape

In this you can create a circular shape which is a classic, you can complete this bouquet with a lovely ribbon. Creating this space can be challenging so get it from Florist In Chattanooga Tn. For this bouquet, roses, carnations, crystals and dahlias. Flowers with a circular figure work the best. Avoid flowers like lilies and hibiscus.

  • Hand tied

This loosely tied bouquet is a great option along with a gift or even as a wedding bouquet. You can pick sunflowers, lilies, orchids and long vines for this style of bouquet. Exclusive shapes and flowers only at lometas flowers soddy daisy.

  • Eccentric

If you would like something more artistic and unique, you can go with a combination of tropical flowers, leaves and bamboo. You can also ditch the usual wrap and go with vases and wooden crates. Get the best flowers in chattanooga with lometa's flowers. 

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Go by meaning

Almost all flowers have some meaning be it spiritual or cultural, so going by the meaning makes it even special for the receiver. You can get meaningful flowers for occasions like Birthdays and anniversaries. There are specific flowers for each birthday month and also anniversaries. Send birthday flowers across with Lometas Flowers Delivery. You can also get Same Day Flower Delivery in Chattanooga.

Flowers don't really need an occasion, your Florist at Soddy Daisy Tn will get to you the perfect bunch, for times when you want to feel special and make others feel extra special.


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