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This blog could be your savior for a house plant lover. If you can't go out, you can even get it delivered using houseplants delivery in soddy daisy tn.

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Houseplants are a common thing in every home these days. Everyone wishes to keep a green corner around their home. It not only adds to the beauty of the house, but it provides a green place and a lot of fresh oxygen. Moreover, it complements the interiors of your house. There are a range of houseplants out there to get from the best flower shops in soddy daisy TN. These days many people are also keeping many medicinal plants in their homes. When you keep a houseplant, The overall aura and positivity in your house rise a lot.

So, we have readily compiled a list of the most popular houseplants available with our best flower delivery hixson tn

Spider plant

Spider plant, which is scientifically called chlorophytum comosum , is one of the most popular house plants. You can find this plant in every alternate house. The reason for its unmatched popularity is that it is very easy to go and doesn't require much maintenance. Even if you search for green leaf house plants near me, you will surely get spider plants as a result. It is also available in our online florist shop. This plant is very dense and has narrow leaves. The outward bent of the leaves gives it a very classy look that everyone likes.

Snake plants

You might be wondering why this list is continuously having names of animals? But once you see this plant, you will think otherwise. Snake plants are scientifically known as Sansevieria trifasciata, and are tall plants that grow deep green leaves. The specialty is that these leaves grow vertically, and there is no bent in their shape. You can simply get it through our flower delivery soddy daisy tn. There is a saying that these plants thrive in neglect, which reflects their low maintenance needs. You only need to water it when the soil has become very dry, and it seldom needs any sunlight. It has also been proved that snake plants remove toxins from the air.

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Ferns are small-sized house plants that have a charming look. One advantage of owning ferns is that it doesn't take up much space in your house, so it is best for small-sized apartments. You can keep them hanging from somewhere to give them a unique look. Their leaves are very dense and small in size. It has also been seen in recent research that ferns are one of the best air cleaners when it comes to houseplants. The only disadvantage is that ferns require constant exposure to the sun and frequent watering. So it might take up some of your time. Ferns are also readily available, and you can also get them delivered using house plants online delivery.


Pothos are typical indoor house plants you can think of. With big leaves, and small stems, it is a delight to watch any day. Pothos is also known as the devil’s ivy, and its center of attraction is its heart-shaped leaves. They are also easy to grow and don't require direct sunlight. You also don't need to water them as frequently as ferns. Another advantage is that it has been seen that pothos can reduce indoor ozone levels, making it a perfect option for indoor houseplants.

Peace lily

The name peace lily itself induces a calm. Keeping a peaceful lily in your house can surely stabilize the aura of your home and maintain a calm vibe. Peace lilies also flower sometimes, and the look of the white flower is worth waiting for. Peace lily is one of the most aesthetically pleasing plants you can come across. It also helps to remove carbon dioxide and VOCs from the indoor air. If you want to send house plants, peace lilies can be a great choice.

We hope some of these above mentioned plants have surprised you in ways. This blog could be your savior for a house plant lover. If you can't go out, you can even get it delivered using houseplants delivery in soddy daisy tn. Visit Lometas Flowers website for more such recommendations.


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